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    Pro Age Eye Cream

    • Pro age eye cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles & dark circles with this intense vitamin rich formula. Blended with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and enriched with green tea extract, making skin appear fuller and tighter.  Added argan oil, the perfect secret ingredient also known as ‘liquid gold’ is high in vitamin e helping repair and protect delicate skin.
    • 30ml
    • SOLD OUT

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  • Active Stem Cell Hydrating Moisturiser

      • Active stem hydrating moisturiser
      • A natural daily moisturiser infused with plant stem cells, essential fruit extracts and vitamins. Excellent for skin showing signs of ageing and dehydration.
      • fragrance free
      • key benefits:
        • firms skin
        • increases elasticity
        • reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
        • hydrates
      • 30ml
      • SOLD OUT

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  • Active Stem Cell Exfoliating Skin Polish

    • Active Stem Cell Exfoliating Skin Polish
    • A light creamy polish with crushed walnut and micro volcanic rock. Beautifully scented with a natural japanese plum fragrance, packed full of natural extracts such as hibiscus flower, apple and gotu kola. Hibiscus, also known as the ‘botox plant’, is rich in antioxidants and inhibits elastin deggradation, great for boosting elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This luxurious polish will leave skin feeling soft and cleansed with a vibrant appearance.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Cleans & Cleanses
      • Boosts Elasticity
      • Boots Collagen Production
    • As there are no harsh fillers or bulkers in this product, this polish is a light liquid consistency.
    • 100ml
    • SOLD OUT

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  • Active Stem Cell Night Repair

    • Active Stem Cell Night Repair
    • A rich, creamy, velvety texture packed full of vitamins to help repair your skin through the night. Contains a range of natural extracts and oils including the renowned natural anti-aging argan oil. With key nutrients like evening primrose oil, pro-Vitamin B5, A and E, allowing your skin to rejuvenate while you sleep. Added manuka honey extract.
    • For Dull / Tired Skin  / Anti Ageing
    • Key Benefits:
      • Improves Scarred Skin
      • Intensely Moisturises
      • Anti Oxidising
      • Firms & Plumps
    • 50ml
    • SOLD OUT

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    Natural Hand & Nail Cream

    • This luxurious hand and nail cream contains coconut, shea, macadamia and almond oils as well as a range of natural plant extracts to nourish and protect the skin and strengthen nails. The antioxidant rich cream softens and moisturises the hands, leaving a silky smooth, non-greasy finish.
    • 150ml
    • SOLD OUT

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    Men’s Exfoliating Face Scrub

    • This natural face scrub contains pumice to gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving pores clear. Infused with coconut and avocado oils, the scrub helps to soften facial hair allowing for a close shave while also keeping the skin hydrated for longer. The refreshing peppermint and lemon essential oil leaves skin feeling fresh and vibrantly tingling.!
    • 100ml
    • SOLD OUT

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  • Men’s Face Wash

    • This natural face wash with added aloe vera and bark extract smoothes, hydrates, and exfoliates. Soap bark promotes an even skin tone and reduces inflammation making it an ideal choice to include in your shaving routine. Locks in moisture at the deepest layers, skin stays hydrated for longer. Infused with lime essential oil and blackcurrant oil.
    • 150ml
    • SOLD OUT

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  • Stem Cell Active Ingredients are the latest trend in skin care, therefore we have created you a selection of luxurious plant based creams and polishes that truly make a difference. When these ingredients are applied, they leave skin feeling firm, plump and hydrated with a radiant complexion. We only use the finest natural ingredients in our products to give your skin truly what it deserves, and to achieve the best possible results.

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